All-Natural Skin Care for Everyday Use
Posted by candconaturals, 01/24/2018 1:37 pm

When it comes to skin care, most people decide to use cheap department store brands on a daily basis. They splurge on all-natural and luxurious products to use once or twice a week to keep skin moisturized. Serums to tone up the skin under the eyes, deep cleansing masks, or hot oil treatments for the hair and scalp are common examples. The average family does not purchase wholesome products for everyday use because many are expensive.

What they do not realize is they need the expensive items to correct damage created by the cheap ones. Off the shelf skin care typically contains chemicals, detergents, fillers, and artificial preservatives that can dry and damage skin. That may all balance out for the budget, but is not ideal for the skin.

Try Something Different

Purchasing all-natural products for everyday use will eliminate the need for the expensive products. The total savings will depend on which products are purchased. High-quality products can be expensive, but there are some that are affordable enough for every family member to use daily. Small manufacturers, such as c & co., make products in small batches and sell them directly to customers.

c and co naturals

Why So Affordable?

Developing, manufacturing, and selling products direct cuts down on overhead, making pricing affordable for all household budgets. Plant-based raw organic ingredients are used exclusively for non-toxic results that can be used on all skin from infant to elderly. Natural ingredients include a wide variety of natural plant oils, vitamins, oats, clays, sugar, arrowroot powder, and many others. A complete list of ingredients and benefits of each one is available on the website.

One physical location and an E-commerce website makes ordering products convenient. Products are broken down into categories to make finding and selecting them quick. Face, baby ad body, shave and beard, and home scenting are among the categories. Domestic shipping is free after a low purchase total has been satisfied.

All c & co., products are made in the United States. Any preservatives used are natural ones, so be sure to check the products for a “use by” date. Most will last one year, but some will be at maximum benefit for three to six months.

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